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Please browse web projects that M-Design has designed and developed.

Shoji Australia The Japan Investor dasco Kiri Japanese
SHOJI Australia The Japan Investor Dasco Building Kiri Japanese Restaurant
Consulate General of Japan Aurum planning Botany foods Centra Fine Foods
Consulate-General of Japan Aurum Planning WA Botany Foods Centra Fine Foods
Weekend Japanese Schoop in Perth Highmountain Tea Co. Qubies by Miinkimoop
The Weekend Japanese School of Perth Gourmet Australian High Mountain Tea Co. Qubies by Miinki Moop
beauty of organic Shinsakura Emu Oil
Beauty of Organic Hyogo Cultural Centre Japanese Landscaping Shinsakura
Japan Australia Settlements Armanee Bridal Wholesalers A Bridal Affair Portobello Products
Bridal Theatre
Accord Group (WA) Kaz Perth Tours Perth Tourist Lounge Bridal Theatre

Translation and localization for web sites

M-Design has been providing translation and localization for bilingural/multi-lingual website projects. Translation service is available in English to/from Japanese and service extends to code editing within HTML, ASP or PHP as well as graphic editing.

plc quattro dunsbrough pacific blue  
Shoji Australia Image-Edit & Art Mighty Grip  

Template Design for other web projects

M-Design has been providing template and interface design services to other web developers. Following sites are some samples. Please contact M-Design if you would like us to create a design template for your project.

plc quattro dunsbrough pacific blue let's perth
Presbyterian Ladies College ahc Quattro Dunsborough ahc Pacific Blue Furniture ahc Let's Perth ahc
William Porteous TTR Blue Diamond Space
William Porteous Property International ahc Trans Tasman Resources ahc Blue Diamond ahc Space Realty ahc
insiderealty passmore altus shellabears
Inside Realty ahc Passmore Real Estate ahc Altus Real Estate ahc Shellabears ahc
perth property people dethridge grove Haskins Astrid
Perth Property People ahc Dethridge Groves Real Estate ahc Haskins Settlements and Conveyancing Services Astrid Ikstrums Conveyancing ahc
rossen porter matthews empire realty rent west
Rossen Real Estate Porter Matthews Metro ahc Empire Real Estate ahc RentWest Solutions
Web Developers for above sites


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