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"Mitsue you have done a fantastic job of providing Miinki Moop with an easy to use, professional web page.  I’m extremely happy with the outcome and really appreciate your patience with me constantly changing things around!  Your input was also invaluable. Not having experience in this field, it was great to know I could rely on your experience to help me and guide me through, offering suggestions that I wouldn’t have considered. So far everyone who has seen the website has commented on how fantastic it, how easy it is to navigate and how professional it looks. The 30 day ‘free maintenance period’ was also a brilliant idea as it has allowed us to see how the website has operated in a live sense and iron out any problems.  I couldn’t recommend you or your work more highly.  Thank you!"

Alexandra Wardle
Miinki Moop Pty Ltd.

“You have done an outstanding, totally professional job on I-E/J. We are extremely impressed and feel fortunate that you tagged your site so we could find it!”

Jeff Makoff
Digital Custom Inc.

“I approached M-Design with an idea for my tea business and now I have a corporate image and a comprehensive e-commerce website second to none.
The level of professionalism and service is outstanding and highly recommended.”

Simon Attenborough
High Mountain Tea Co.

“Thanks for showing a great combination of design ingenuity and traditional Japanese eye for detail in our company's web design and construction, it really makes a difference.”

Simon Phillips
Managing Director
PSI Japan Consulting

“We are delighted with M-Design who captured the essence of our business in a professional and comprehensive website.  I am confident that M-Design’s talent for unique, easy to navigate websites continues to contribute to the success in our growing business.”

Shelley Leary
General Manager
Centra Fiine Foods







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